Thursday, May 22, 2008

DCU Loses Again

With a quarter of the season gone and United sitting in the cellar, one wonders how much longer Victor McFarlane, Kevin Payne and Will Change will permit the season to progress at this level without making a change. This is not say that Tommy Soehn did a poor job last night, I think he did OK. But the fact is that losing is losing and some one usually has to take the blame--and while Payne isn't going to fire himself, McFarlane and Chang are probably putting on the pressure.

The funny thing is, had it not been for McTavish's bad luck, bad footing or just being bad, DC would have gotten a point on the road in a nil-nil draw. DC did play better than they have of late but the problem is the same old song and dance--defensive mistakes, lack of communication, lack of flow and most importanly lack of finishing lead to the loss in Toronto.

Some usually reliable players had less than stellar games and this being the first of four games in 12 days, the signs are not good. DC United is on its way to a Fulham like road record, being 0-5 on the road in all competitions this year with only one goal in those five games. DC hasn't won on the road since September 1 of last year against Dallas (who also just sacked their manager after their 5-1 drubbing at the hands of L.A. Galaxy.)

Before another packed crowd at BMO field in Toronto--which is earning, deservedly so, the notoriety of being the hardest place to play between the earnest fans and the artificial turf--DC tried and failed to get it done. Toronto come to DC on Saturday, and DC desperately needs a win. If this four game streak results in less than six points for United, it may be time to give Soehn the boot--if for no other reason than to shake the locker room up a little.

Bryan Namoff--again he appears to be one of the few players on the field who really gives a damn. He worked hard, he moved around a lot, played solid balls and fought to win the 50-50 balls.

Gonzalo Martinez--again, I love the way he is moving into attack a bit more. At times he looks more like a holding midfielder in a 3-5-2 formation than a center back in a 4-4-2 formation. His offensive mindedness pays off many times in the offensive third, but he is also not forsaking his defensive duties. I do worry thought that as teh season wears on he is just going to get too knackered to be of much use in the end.

Santino Quaranta--I admit this was not one of his better games. I don't know if it was the surface, the conditions or what, but he his best performance. However, I am taken by his energy and I think he is developing into a truly quality winger. This kind of development, minus missed performances like this one, he could see some national team action soon.

Zach Wells--ugh! I simply don't know what else to say but he has not turned out to be the keeper we need. So here is my thought, trade him to Real Salt Lake and take Chris Seitz. Seitz is not going to get playing time behind Nick Rimando and Wells could learn lots from Rimando. Carvallo may not be ready, but Wells clearly is not.

Jaime Moreno--his post game quote sucked and demonstrated that his head is not in the leadership of this squad. He needs to be getting in players faces and holding them accountable for their play. He needs to be getting in the referees faces (respectfully of course) on the lack of calls for persistent infringement, which for the second game left more than a few United players rolling on the pitch more than once.

Fred--coming off of injury is tough, but good grief man, you are paid to finish and you need to finish. At least two quality opportunities squandered. There is no excuse for the blown header, yes Toronto's keeper made good save, but with three yards of goal to either side of Sutton, it wouldn't have taken much to ripple the twine.

Toronto comes to town on Saturday, maybe the Barra Brava and Screaming Eagles can rouse the United from its slumber--we need it.

Player Rating
Wells 3
Namoff 6
Peralta 5
McTavish 3
Martinez 6
Quaranta 5
Simms 5
Gallardo 5
Fred 3 (and I think that is being a little generous)
Moreno 3
Emilio 4

Burch 5
Mediate 5
Doe 4

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