Wednesday, May 28, 2008

England 1: 0 USA At Halftime

England scored on a set piece cross from David Beckham to John Terry.

Some surprises: Landon Donovan is not even dressed for the match, let alone not starting. Fitness an issue? Waiting until Game against Argentina for the 100th Cap.

DaMarcus Beasley started in midfield, great to see him back in form.

Line up for the U.S.--4-4-2





Subs: Danny Califf (D), Frankie Hejduk (D), Eddie Lewis (M), Maruice Edu (M), Nate Jacqua (D), Freddy Adu (F), Brad Guzan (G).

England Line Up



Brown-------------------------A. Cole


Subs--everyone else. Capello has 18 subs on the bench, the remainder of his player pool--What gives?

First half--based only match tracker. Is it me or is Eddie Johnson actually working up top? His name popped up on several occaisions. The game appears to be as fast paced as everyone anticipated. The U.S. has had some chances and England has not scored in the run of play.

Cherundolo got booked and Wayne Rooney got lucky at the end that he didn't get booked. The officiating crew is Greek with the fourth official being English.

What's up for the second half--a lot of substitutions I would wager. Capello could put a whole other team on the pitch if he could (while friendlies are pretty generous with substitutions, I find it unlikely that Capello would do that). The U.S. needs to just keep up the pressure.

Update: 4:11 pm. Second have underway.

Subs--England--David Bentley on for David Beckham (who has an LA Galaxy match this weekend),

Subs--U.S.--Frankie Hejduk on for Steve Cherundolo and suprisingly Brad Guzan on for Tim Howard. I guess Bradley is looking to see how Guzan deals with the international pressure.

At the 47th minute, Eddie Johnson gets off another solid shot, just wide to the right. Not to get all in a tither about this, but could Eddie Johnson have seen the light and started working like the striker he could be? Time will tell.

Update 5:22 pm: England 2:0 USA. Looks like a tough loss for the U.S. men. I can't wait to watch the replay. I think U.S. Coach Bob Bradley got some good looks at players and it doesn't look like the U.S. played badly, just not as good as England today.

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