Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Keller and Bullard on the Great Escape

Regarding Fulham's escape from relegation, U.S. International goalkeeper Kasey Keller had this to say:
"I think if you look at our form over the last seven or eight games we deserve to stay up. We’re staying in the League and what it means to the fans, the Chairman, the players, staff, everybody – a phenomenal day.

It was a cliffhanger alright! At half-time the Manager just said ‘don’t change the game plan. We can always change it in the last ten or fifteen minutes if we have to. Let’s just go out and who knows what’s going to happen in the other games. Just keep it tight at the back and the chance will come.’

"I’m just so happy I was given the chance to come back to the Premier League with Fulham. Roy showed a lot of faith when I came back from my shoulder surgery and I’m just proud I was able to help. What a tremendous day.”
Tremendous indeed.

Midfielder Jimmy Bullard, whos brilliant free kick led to Danny Murphy's multi-million pound header, added
“It’s an amazing feeling. I just can’t believe it. We’ve won four out of our last five games and we thoroughly deserve it.

“No one wants to have to put going down on their CV and now we don’t have too. I’m just happy we’re in the top flight next year and I know all the boys are as well.

“It means everything to be playing Premier League football with this Club next season – they’ve been fantastic to me. All throughout my injury they never put any pressure on me and I owe them a lot.


“The Manager has such belief – sometimes more than all of us. When we were two-nil down against Man City he can came in at half-time and believed in us. That’s really helped us along the way and our confidence has grown and we’ve got the points we needed.

“There wasn’t a lot said after the game – just a lot of cheering and cuddling! It’s been a brilliant experience. We’ve got seven weeks off and we can go away now knowing that we’ll be coming back to play Premier League football at Craven Cottage next season – dead right!”

The question will be whether Keller and Bullard stay. I tend to think so. Keller probably has another year or two in him and Bullard looks to be in fine form for the most part. A couple of months off to rest his knee will no doubt help his fitness for next season.

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