Thursday, May 08, 2008

May 8 Playlist

This week's playlist on my I-Pod is comprised of the following:

1. Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits. Classic song about music and bands. Mark Knofler's guitar work is amazing and I have always loved the guitar outro.

2. Barracuda by Heart (Live Version). I have always loved this song, it is a rocker with fantastic lyrics. Ann Wilson's singing in this version is powerful as always, but for some reason the guitar work in the background just carried more punch.

3. Frontin' by Jamie Cullum. This was a bonus track on Cullum's first album and is easily one of the three best songs he has ever recorded and released. Great music, solid lyrics and a fun, sexy feel make the song terrrific.

4. Key West Intermezzo (I Saw You First) by John Mellencamp. An optimisitc love song with one of my favorite lines of all time "A loud Cuban band is crucifying John Lennon."

5. After the Rain Has Fallen by Sting. Off the Brand New Day Album, this slightly faster paced song's refrain is often heard, but it the rest of the lyrics are about a theif who steals money, jewels and a princess in his late night raid. Great story song.

6. Clocks by Twelve Girls Band. This cover of the Coldplay classic is all instrumental and sounds amazing. The fact that this groups can use traditional Chinese instruments to recreate a piano sound is wonderful.

7. Citizen Soldier by 3 Doors Down. My new absolute favorite song. An unabashed tribute to the military men and women who protect us for the ugliness of the world and keep us safe. Get this song and listen to it.

8. This is My Song by Carbon Leaf. Clever lyrics about hope, luck and love as if they are real people. Great Irish/Celtic feel to the music, just a fund song.

9. Brother John by Blues Traveler. Another great Blues Traveler song that isn't on the high list of their most popular songs. Solid lyrics and a kind of jammy beat.

10. Love in An Elevator by Aerosmith. Thinly disguised and out right sexual references in a rocking song that I am surprised even made it to radio. Fun song, that while not Aerosmith's best, is still a classic.

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