Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Republican Surrender?

Philip Mella once again swings his hammer and hits the nail on the head:
With the advent of the Republican revolution, ideas were once again being debated and the apparently permanent hegemony that Democrats enjoyed disappeared. Now, Republicans are on the outside and seem stunned and shocked that voters are rejecting them. American politics is all about contrasts, distinguishing how different values and ideas play out in public policy. However, governing takes discipline and Republicans have become a spineless lot that seems incapable of making the argument for their core values.

To wit, when we have a $300 billion farm bill that sails through Congress and when Democratic candidates can pledge to raise taxes with impunity, something's fundamentally wrong. When our energy policy doesn't include developing more resources and we're heading for $150 per barrel oil, the picture is skewed. Yet Republicans seem feckless in make the case for a new approach.
Republican will win when they start talking with Americans using words, ideas and principles, not simply caving to the latest fad in Washington politics.
Indeed, the only hope is to fight for the values and principles that brought the party to prominence, and doing so with conviction--because the Democrats have smelled the blood in the water and unless something changes it will be a massacre in November.
I am not fully convinced of a "bloodbath" but it will not be pretty unless someone stands up and says, here are the GOP ideas and what we believe in.

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