Friday, May 16, 2008

No UEFA Cup for Fulham

But Craven Cottage's fans top the Fair Play league:
Fulham Football Club has narrowly missed out to Manchester City on a UEFA cup place next season via the Fair Play league.

However, the Club is delighted to inform its supporters that Fulham fans topped the Premier League’s Behaviour of the Public Fair Play Table and as a result the Club will be awarded £20,000 for a good cause initiative which will benefit the supporters.

The table, compiled from marks awarded by The Premier League Match Delegates for verbal support in acceptable form and recognition of outstanding play by opponents, shows Fulham supporters in first place with a total of 319 points.

The Club would like to thank its fans for their exemplary behaviour not just for this season, which has been recognised by this award, but over many years.
Fulham topped the fans fair play league.

Residing at the bottom, Chelsea.

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