Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Is Jozy Altidore Worth $10 Million?

Steven Goff posits the issue a little:
Remember this morning when I told you a German club had been told it would have to pay at least $7 million for Red Bulls forward Jozy Altidore? Now I am hearing that MLS turned down $8 million from Reading in January and is looking for something in the neighborhood of $10 million. The Reading-Altidore connection is not new, but the dollar figures are.
I don't think Reading, recently relegated, are going to have the funds to pay 4-5 million pounds for Altidore and I don't think Altidore should take a transfer to the Championship rather than the Premier League.

But the larger question is, what is Altidore worth? His production has been off of late, largely due to the fact that he has spent more time traveling than being at home. Between playing for the U21, U23(Olympic Qualifying), MNT, and Red Bulls, he probably has enough frequent flier miles to never have to pay for a plane ticket again.

Remember, Altidore is still a kid, only 18 years old. If he performs well for the U23's in Beijing, yes, you could see a big transfer fee (maybe not until the January Transfer window since I don't know when the Summer window closes off the top of my head). He might even be worth $10 million by then. The question for Altidore and MLS is not when, but how much. If Altidore goes for $10 million or more, he will be the biggest MLS transfer fee ever.

So here is a thought on teh same note. Let's assume that Altidore goes to Europe for $10 million and Landon Donovan goes for $10 million+, what will MLS do with that kind of cash?

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