Thursday, May 15, 2008

Now That is a Tip

From the Offside:
OK, so he’s not technically in the Premier League anymore as Birmingham City were relegated last weekend. But Olivier Kapo is still pretty generous. Some clubs still use the boot-boy system, where an apprentive player is responsible for cleaning and caring for a first team players boots. James McPike was the 20 year old apprentice responsible for Kapo’s cleats, and - as is customary - at the end of the season he asked Kapo if he could keep the boots.

But Kapo had already taken his boots home from St. Andrews, so McPike was out of luck. Until Kapo handed him the keys to his £30,000 Mercedes instead.

Even better, when McPike said he couldn’t afford the insurance on such a fancy car, Kapo promised to pay for a years worth. The guy is like the Oprah Winfrey of the West Midlands.
Kapo makes like 30,000 pounds a week for Birmingham, so he can afford it and the insurance.

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