Thursday, May 08, 2008

This is Surprising How

Burmese Junta Stalling on Cyclone Relief.
While up to 100,000 rotting corpses pile up in Myanmar - the name given Burma by the ruling military junta - western governments are begging the government to allow the massive relief supplies that are stockpiled in next door Thailand to be given to people before a man made humanitarian catastrophe is added on to what nature was able to inflict:
Relief agencies say decomposing corpses litter ditches and fields in the worst-hit Irrawaddy delta area as survivors try to conserve fuel for transporting much-needed supplies.

The international community is growing increasingly frustrated with the junta's lack of progress in granting visas for relief workers and giving clearance for aid flights to land.

They are concerned the lack of medical supplies and clean food and water threatens to increase the already staggering death toll.

Myanmar's military government says more than 22,000 people died when the killer cyclone battered the country's low-lying delta region over the weekend. The top U.S. diplomat in the country has said the toll could top 100,000.
People cannot live without food and water and the longer the Junta waits the worse it will get.

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