Monday, September 15, 2008

Bob Bradly--Phone Call and Video for You from Spain

Jozy Altidore looked years older than his 18 in his debut for Villareal over the weekend. He was unafraid to take on experience Spanish defenders and beat them regularly. He made a good case for his inclusion in the game squad for the La Liga runners-up, particularly given since he is not on the Champions League roster. He could get regular run-outs for the Yellow Submarine in La Liga and the Cope del Rey this year. Something that other American strikers (see Johnson, Eddie) are getting for their international teams.

How can Bob Bradley ignore a hat trick (I know against a semi-pro team, but it is a hat trick) and a performance like this one. I know Bradley doesn't give a care about what guys like me and other bloggers are saying, but can he really ignore this kind of play for too long?

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