Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Clint Dempsey in Depth

Adam Spangler writing at This Is American Soccer has a great five part series of post about Clint Dempsey, his early life, career and off-the-pitch plans.

As Dempsey struggles for playing time at Fulham and seems to be seeing a resurgence for the U.S. National Team, this story was one of insight into a quality player who really is, to a certain extent, unlike any American player in Europe. I wonder if Dempsey is out of place in the Premier League, with a more creative league like La Liga or Serie A more suited to his style. I hope he contemplates a move even to the Bundesliga.

Still, here are the links to the five parts which answers questions like, What does Clint Dempsey do when not playing (golf and quiet time are among the answers), what are Clint's plans after soccer (land in North Carolina and family), why does Clint point to the sky after scoring (see part 2 and the story of his sister for that answer). For all his energy on the field, Dempsey is not a loud, brash, annoying, "see me and my WAG" kind of guy, which I like.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4Part 5

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