Monday, September 15, 2008

What Public Schools Can Learn From Online Gambling at Education for the Aughts - American School Issues and Analysis

You would be surprised: Flexibility, efficiency, cheaper for the consumer, better at the basics.

Surprising, huh?

Most large organziations can benefit from studying other successful ventures well outside their fields. One thing that school systems can do is look at large commercial organziations and look at how they do some of the mundane things in administration and operation to keep costs down. For private enterprise, keeping costs down enhances the bottom line. For schools, it enhances the bottom line, makes taxpayers happy and, at least in theory, allows the schools to focus on their primary mission.

Of course, for many school bureaucracies, the primary mission of schools is a distant concern well apart from the desire to perpetuate the bureaucracy and the current state of affairs.

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