Monday, September 15, 2008

California's Deceptive Proposition 4

Interesting Op-ed. On a fundamental basis, I do not like the idea that this could be a scenario:

A child comes into an emergency with a non-life threatening injury, say a broken arm and a young girl comes into an abortion clinic pregnant seeking an abortion.

Under the first scenario a doctor can do nothing without parental consent. The doctor migh proscribe a pain releiver and that is about all.

In the second, parental consent is not necessary for what is admittedly a medical procedure. How do we square that logically?

I generally don't buy the "parental abuse" argument but I will admit that it is possible. At that point, I am sure than an abortion provider is aware of how to navigate the legal channels. But I don't want just notification, but I want someone with authority to Consent to the procedure.

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Anonymous said...

Abortion is not a medical procedure. It is the direct killing of an unborn person, democratically decreed by the state.