Sunday, September 14, 2008

L.A. Galaxy Officially the Celler Dwellers

Last week, the MLS "Superclub" L.A. Galaxy were tied with three other teams on 26 points. Today, after 24 weeks of play, the Galaxy are officially the sole dwellers of the cellar.

I know I should take some much glee in this, but the Galaxy are an example of everything that is bad about the MLS. It is not that their quality of play is so bad, but that the club is set up almost for failure. They have two highly paid players in Beckham and Donvovan and a large pool of players not making that much money. I don't care how good a guy Beckham or Donovan may be in the dressing room, it creates problems in quality if not in mentality.

I don't know if Bruce Arena can fix the Galaxy this year, but you can bet that a number of players will be shipped in the offseason in order to balance the paysheet.

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