Monday, September 29, 2008

Judge Rebukes Prosecutors in Stevens Gift-Giving Case

From the ABA Journal, Judge Emmet Sullivan is "peeved" that the prosecutors in the case of Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK), who is on trial for improper gifts, sent a key witness home without informing the court.
The witness dispute involved a Robert Williams, who supervised the renovation project. Williams reportedly called the defense to say that prosecutors were overblowing how much time on the project.

Sullivan was incredulous that prosecutors sent Williams, who is suffering from health problems, back to Alaska without notifying the court.

The AP reports, that Sullivan, with his voice rising said, "Why wasn't I consulted? I'm peeved now. It's a federal subpoena to appear in my court. I think the government is treading in some shallow water here. What should the sanction be for that?"
when a judge uses the word peeved and sanction so close together, you should know that the prosecutors will have to be near perfect in order to avoid that sanction--which could result in a mistrial.

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