Monday, September 29, 2008

Seth Godin on Travel

I don't travel for work as much as I used to, but SSeth Godin does and has some thoughts:
Why does a banana cost twenty cents at the supermarket and $1.61 at SFO?
A damn fine question.
What would happen if Imagineers from Disney designed the security line? Why not let them try?

Why doesn't the airport have sleeping benches?
Disney does a lot of things very well and line management is clearly one of them. Why not, at least the lines would be more entertaining and would probably move better.

All of those armrests in the waiting area could flip up to allow sleeping. If they can move arm rests in movie theathers to allow "snuggling" while watching a movie, why not move the armrests to allow a traveler to catch a few Z's, particularly when the airlines cancel flights.

Hat Tip: James Joyner

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