Thursday, September 11, 2008

Possible October Surprise? Obama Dumps Biden for Hillary

Biden might have said Hillary would have been a better pick, but I just can't see Obama dumping Biden for Clinton. Why?

1. It will have the look like and actually be a matter of desperation. The public will interpret it as a "me-too" move after McCain picked Palin.

2. It will signify that Obama can't make a real decision without waffling. This is a personal and personnel decision and one of the first big decisions that Obama had to make. You can be sure that McCain will point out Obama's waffling on this simple decision, what will is say about other, more difficult and more important decisions?

3. It assumes that Hillary Clinton wants the job any more. It would be obvious to her and the rest of the world that dropping Biden for her was a desperation move and I am not sure she wants that.

Wait, what was I thinking, of course Hillary would take it--what was I thinking, her ambition is more naked than an entire nude beach.


Eric Dondero said...

It's Obama they need to dump. Not Biden. Biden is actually kinda cool. He's a Regular Joe and very likeable. It's Obama who is the elitist effette snob and friend of Terrorists like William Ayers and Kenya's Raila Odinga.

Biden at least is a real American, born and bread in the USA. Obama is a conglomerate American/Indonesian/Kenyan. His loyalties are suspect.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking that maybe, just MAYBE Obama and Hillary had this all planned out ever since they went to Feinstein's house. Maybe they thought of this "October Surprise," to gain momentum right before the elections, but they didn't count on McCain choosing Palin, which in turn would change public opinion to think of it as a "desperation" move.

Even if this were not the case, in MY opinion, I think that its never too late to change your mind. If Biden steps down, that gives Obama an excuse to re-evaluate things and ultimately choose Hillary. Biden could "talk Obama into" picking Hillary in a manner of speaking. It wouldn't look like he's "waffling," and would look more like he merely decided that Hillary would be the best choice, since Biden himself (Obama's own VP choice), recommended her.

Personally, I think if the public has a choice of Palin or Biden as a VP, it could be a toss-up, but if the public has Palin or Hillary as a choice, Obama will win for sure.

Its a matter of what's best for this country and as long as the public does now show racism in their voting and everybody sees that Obama would be the best choice on his own merits, he will Surely win.

Anonymous said...

I'm a republican and I'm voting for Obama. McCain is just too much like bush. Read where he stands with an open mind and you'll see what I mean.

Anonymous said...

The Dems are nothing more than a bunch of poll-watchers. "How can we fool 'em today?" is their mantra.

I guess we'll have to see how the Obama-U.S. Citizen thing plays out before Hillary commits to a VP position. After all, we all know her ultimate ambition! That's why Obama didn't choose her for VP, as he would need a food-taster, car-starter, etc. for protection!

- Just say "no" to B.O.

Anonymous said...

No way can BO dump JB! It would be a huge sign of weakness and a sure sign that he cannot be trusted to make even basic decisions.
As well, if he wanted to do it, Hillary would know that the BO campaign is in BIG trouble.
This is just what she wants - and on November 5 she will be running for President, again.
But if she is part of a BO-HC losing ticket, she'd be tarnished.
She needs a losing BO-JB ticket for her 2012 prospects.

Anonymous said...

When did most America aka Republicans decide that it was best to vote an "average joe" into office, as Eric mentions? Do you want and average joe flying the commercial airline you and your family are on? An average joe performing open-heart surgery? An average joe leading you into war? I think not! I don't want the next president to be someone I'd love to sit down and have a beer with. When did Obama become an elitist? When he went to Harvard? Well Bush is right there with him as a Yale grad. He also owned a baseball team, his father was President, vacation homes in Maine and elsewhere, and was addicted to alcohol. Oh wait, because he speaks with a Texas accent, cracks jokes, and makes up words, he's a regular guy worth voting for.
My husband is in the military. We've lived all over the country and the world. I am amazed that so many of us American's buy into each party's rhetoric. "His loyalties are suspect?" That's like assuming every Mormon is a follower of Warren Jeffs. It's ludacris but people do not seek out information and choose to believe the cherry-picked quotes from our media. We are becoming a country of followers.
I'm just hoping that THIS year we can finally get it right!

Anonymous said...

Obama's October Surprise: