Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Blogging Resolutions

Most of my New Year's Resolutions will remain safely private. But figured this is public and so I would make my Blogging Resolutions Public as well.

Over the past year, I have taken on two additional blogging obligations which, I admit, I have not done so well on. However, I do want to keep up with those efforts a bit more this year.

Resolution 1. Publish a weekly (if not more regularly) post on WatchBlog. The obligation with Watchblog is a post twice a month. I have not been good on that and I hereby resolve to post weekly.

Resolution 2. Publish at least twice per week on RedMaryland. There is no minimum on that level, but I should be more involved locally and on a state wide basis and at least this way, I can force myself to at least keep up with the news.

I would also like to generate a little more traffic for this site. I have read all sorts of tricks of the trade to do so and I won't bore you with those efforts here. But because I am vain enough, I keep track of sitemeter stats much more closely that I had before. Over the final 8 months of the year, I averaged 3617 hits per month and 4586 page views per month. I am aiming for 4000 and 6000 respectively in 2008. That will take some work and will involve posting much more regularly than I have in the past two months. But I believe with a little work and a fair amount of commenting, I can make it happen.

Resolution 3. Increase Going to the Mat traffice to an average of 4000 hits and 6000 page views per month.

Finally, I would like to increase my publishing output. In the past, I have posted usually during the week. I am now going to try to publish at least six days per week. Seven days per week is possible, indeed even likely, but for now I don't want to bite off more than I can chew so six days a week is the goal.

Resolution 4. Post on Going to the Mat at least six days per week.

At the end of each quarter, I will take stock to see where I am.

Happy New Year to Everyone.

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