Friday, January 04, 2008

Hillary, It's Not You, It's Me--No, Really It's You

Charles Hurt talks about the Hillary loss last night:
More than 70 percent of Iowa Democrats rejected her bid to get back into the White House.

And so, after 15 years of domination, the Clinton dynasty has finally lost its grip on the Democratic Party.

More than anything else, Clinton's campaign was built upon the aura of inevitability.

That's now shattered and left in Iowa's frozen cornfields.

What's devastating to her is that she lost so badly to such a political novice.

Sure, Barack Obama is an incredibly impressive and appealing figure. He has magically turned the nasty politics of race on its head here in a state with a less than 3 percent black population.

His hopeful determination to end the sordid politics that the Clintons are such masters of has even lifelong Republicans eager to vote for him.
Well, I am not sure of that last part, but Rush Limbaugh said it earlier today, the era of the Baby Boomers may be over.

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