Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Latest In-Trade Predictions on the Primaries

Check them out here.. Short story, Obama is going for the sweep, he is a virtual lock in New Hampshire and is leading in South Carolina over Clinton 98 to 1 in the last "bids." It is closer in South Carolina, where Obama is leading 91-7. In Florida, Hillary has a chance, where she "trails" 65-35 in the latest trades. By the way, Obama has gone up almost 25 points in California predictions

In case you are wondering, the in-trade markets are remarkably predictive.

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Justamere10 said...

Americans want change in Washington, there's no doubt about that.

But try as they will to convince voters that they're the candidate for change, it seems obvious to me that candidates who are already firmly entrenched Washington insiders are NOT the ones who will make those changes.

It's exactly that insider same old, same old "experience" so many of the candidates tout that most Americans want to get rid of.


Mitt Romney makes a telling comment:

“People who have been there all their careers don’t begin to have the freedom of movement and the capacity to change Washington. They’ve got lobbyists at every elbow, the deals have been worked out in the Senate cloakrooms are just so overwhelming – the scores that have to be settled, all of the favors that have to honored. You just can’t get the job done in Washington with people that have been in Washington all their lives. So people are saying you know what? We need change.”

To me it seems perfectly clear that the most qualified outsider candidate, the one who is most likely to make real change in Washington, is Mitt Romney.

Romney's MBA and Doctorate from Harvard, his proven record of success in making the right executive decisions time after time, and his lifetime devotion to the family values cherished by most Americans demonstrate clearly that he's the man for the Whitehouse.

I think it's time for Americans to unite behind that man - he's head and shoulders above ALL the other candidates.