Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Another Mickey League Soccer Move

I have long thought that the MLS (that is Mickey League Soccer) has been stupid in the extreme not to honor the FIFA calendar for international breaks, just like every other top flight league in the world does. But they don't and the result is that when international breaks, like the current one for world cup qualifying take place, the MLS loses lots of players but continues to play games.

Well, Toronto FC, a recent addition to the league has done well at recruiting quality players and a number have been called into international duty this week, including nine (that's right 9) regular starters. Toronto Coach John Carver notes that it is an "extreme hardship":
The situation Carver speaks of is that he has lost nine players to international duty as qualifying starts this week for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa leaving him with only one starting defender -- Marco Velez -- on his roster.

And TFC's pleas to Major League Soccer that the Saturday game be postponed have fallen on deaf ears.

According to Sun Media sources close to the situation, Chivas USA had sent word to the league that it would not object to such a postponement.

"This is what I consider a case of extreme hardship," Carver said. "Right now I'm calling around looking to get players on loan so I can fill out a game sheet."

Carver is also angry that TFC fans, who he said have been the best and most patient in MLS, will not get to see the best possible side on Saturday.

"I really hope that our fans will see the predicament we are in," he said. "It would be a great boost to have them support the lads that are going to be on the pitch."

Gone from the TFC starting 11 are: Greg Sutton and Jim Brennan (Canada), Marvell Wynne (USA), Carl Robinson (Wales), Julius James (Trinidad & Tobago), Amado Guevara (Honduras), Carlos Ruiz (Guatemala) and Tyrone Marshall (Jamaica).

Added to the exodus yesterday was reserve forward Jarrod Smith (New Zealand).
A quick look at TFC's roster will show that it has only 25 players on its roster, including its developmental players. With nine players gone, Toronto is down to 15 players and thus couldn't even fill a full 18 man roster for its game against Chivas this weekend and that is assuming all players are healthy.

It is absolutely ludicrous of the MLS not to postpone this match, particularly when Chivas USA is amenable to the postponement.

This is just another reason why the MLS is just short for Mickey League Soccer.

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