Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Bob Bradley On the Roster

From Goff and it ain't much.

Goff is right, Bradley doesn't go into great detail, but that doesn't mean he is above getting stick for some of his offensive choices.

About Orozco, Wynne and Hejduk:
"Marvell comes off a good Olympics. Cuba presents some challenges physically, so in that regard, Marvell handles those kinds of challenges very well. Mexico is on the FIFA calendar, [so Orozco is available] and it's a chance of getting him into his first national team camp, getting him a little bit comfortable with it. I wouldn't go too much into that one."
I buy it and I think it is a good reason to choose Wynne and Orozco. Hejduk saw action in Guatamala and usually looks good.

On the attacking players, we get bubkis:
"I am not going to talk about all the players. When you pick a roster, you take all sorts of things into consideration and every roster says a lot of different things. I guess if I were to say one quick thing about young players is that we are always watching, we are always keeping track of how they are doing and we always are trying to continue to move the players who have earned the opportunities along at the right speed. Sometimes decisions go a certain way for different reasons when you put a roster together, sometimes they go another way. I don't think it's wise to get into the details of any of that, but all of it gets put in there together and we go from there."
Read: I didn't pick 'em because I am not an attacking style of coach and therefore I am not going to pick a squad of attack minded players like Adu or Altidore until the heat for U.S. Soccer gets so intense that I fear for my job. I like Ching, Donovan, Eddie Johnson, Dempsey and Dononvan and nothing these kids say or do will change my mind. The only reason to pick Adu or Altidore is if they start lighting it up in France and Spain with multi-goal games.

What rubbish!!!

The Bradley (and Arena) style of soccer is dead on the international level and the Euros should prove it. Watch other regional qualifying and you will see. The U.S. plays like England and see how England fares as qualifying moves forward.

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