Thursday, September 04, 2008


One of the common refrains I am seeing in the Democratic talking points about Sarah Palin's speech last night is that she was sarcastic. Ann Althouse, no arch-conservative she, notes it as well:
Oh, yes, sarcastic. That reminds me. I saw Paul Begala on some morning show and he was using that word. He said that Palin was excellent when she was telling her life story, but then when she got into the criticisms of Barack Obama, she was sarcastic, and that wasn't good.

Step back, little lady. Be good. Be nice. Tell us about your children and what you like to cook for dinner and how much you love your hubby.

Grrrr... my feminist blood boils.
A VP candidate is supposed to attack the opposing side--it is expected. Palin did her job well.

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