Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A Teachable Moment

A reasonable Op-Ed fromteh Baltimore Sun.

I would quibble with the notion that abstinence only sex ed programs are the "least effective" (a notion the Megan McCardle counters well). But aside from that, this is a time to talk about it.

While I haven't seen any evidence that "teen pregnancy rates have been rising" since 2005 (it is this a function of the fact that there are more teenagers or something else), I will say that of course it should be a matter for concern. However, lets make sure we actually have a problem.

Look, the only guaranteed way not to get pregnant as a teenager is to not have sex as a teenager.

If Bristol Palin's pregnancy is supposed to be a case study for our society, can we also talk about Bristol Palin's decision to have her child (versus an abortion) and Levi Johnston's being a man and stepping up to his responsibility and marrying the mother of his child as opposed to, I don't know, abandoning his responsibility.

But of course, the left and the Baltimore Sun isn't talking about the responsibilities of fatherhood.

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