Monday, September 08, 2008

Thug Joey Barton Finally Suspended by the FA

Fifteen months ago, Newcastle United's resident thug, Joey Barton severly beat Ousmane Dabo (his own teammate) that it earned him a stint in Britains Strangeways Prison for six months. The Football Association has finally acted in the matter and suspended Barton for six games.

Six games!
Six Games!!

Have they lost their mind!!!

Birmingham's Martin Taylor got a three match suspension for breaking Arsenel's Eduardo da Silva's leg in a horrific indicident in February 2008. The FA said that because of the lack of malicious intent, Taylor did not deserve a longer suspensions despite calls be FIFA to revisit the matter.

Barton on the other hand clearly intended to beat Dabo so severly that blood flowed freely. That Newcastle and the FA don't suspend Barton for longer is shameful.

SIX GAMES!! It should be SIX months--without pay.

What a joke.

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