Monday, December 01, 2008

The Silly Season Has Begun

And I don't just mean the madness of Christmas sales (nor the abhorrent stupidity of trampling store employees on Black Friday). But it is just one month before the transfer window opens up in world soccer and the transfer rumors have begun to circulate.

Some noteworthy in MLS circles--Michael Parkhurst to the Danish league. For a player who committed just 32 fouls in over 10,000 minutes, it is not surprising. Some people might wonder, why Denmark? Parkhurst is not a big guy and might have to prove himself in Europe's second tier leagues before moving to a bigger league. I would expect that his stay in Denmark will be short, maybe just a season or so before moving to a bigger club and a bigger league and make his rumored Danish side some money in the process.

What is stupid is the MLS and their treatment of Parkhurst. Here is a man who is among the best defenders (and certainly the cleanest) in the league and they are going to lose him on a free transfer. Parkhurst wouldn't bring Jozy Altiodre money, but plenty of clubs would have been willing to pay $1.5-2.5 million for Parkhurst and now the MLS gets nothing.

Of course, this means that Parkhurst can choose his next club without New England getting in the way as they did with Taylor Twellman last year. Twellman will probably never play in Europe as a result of injury and stupidity by the New England and MLS leadership.

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